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A nationwide telehealth brokerage and advisory firm.

Nationwide Physician visits

by phone or video with Money-Saving Health and Lifestyle Benefits.

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Individual & Family


Our packages are developed

for Single or Family homes which provide leading telehealth programs and supplemental benefits to meet your needs.  

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Groups and Employer


If you are looking to customize or enhance a telehealth program, please take a look at our money saving health, lifestyle and wellness benefits.


The biggest challenges facing our healthcare system today are access to low-cost physicians, convenient appointments and quality healthcare providers when you need them. With more people entering the system, a shortage of physicians and increased waiting times, the time is right for a better solution... telehealth.

Doctors and Benefits addresses these challenges by providing users with convenient 24/7 access to the healthcare they need while offering an innovative solution that promotes consumerism and decreases overall healthcare costs.

Studies have shown that implementing a telehealth program:

  • decreases doctor, urgent care and ER visits.

  • reduces overall healthcare costs and patient out-of-pocket expenses.

  • promotes wellness, prevention and personal responsibility.


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Doctors and Benefits provides you with many possible options to fill in gaps in your existing health coverage.

Doctors and Benefits promotes personal health and financial well-being by providing access to a physician when you need them and by reducing rising healthcare costs through our benefits, services, and discounts.

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Your Benefits are Just a "Tap" Away

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  • Easily access your benefits, all in one place

  • Keep your benefit and insurance cards organized with My Wallet

  • Add your spouse and dependents to your benefit program

  • Get live support by chat or phone call

  • Review your insurance details through My Insurance*


These features are also available at My


*Not applicable to all benefit programs

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