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About Us

Convenient healthcare for all


Doctors & Benefits connects our clients with the leading Telehealth platforms in the country. We will discuss your organization's specific needs and match those needs with

the most appropriate Telehealth provider in our network.

Our mission is to provide your organization with a quality, accessible, and cost-effective network of physicians that

are there when and where you need them.

Additionally, Doctors and Benefits provides a variety of health, wellness and lifestyle benefits that save our members and their families money by filling in gaps in their current health plan(s).

Telehealth is one of the most innovative, convenient and cost effective ways to treat patients with the most common, non emergent health issues. 

Doctors and Benefits provides access to board-certified,

state-licensed doctors that you would traditionally see in a clinic or hospital, but in the convenience of your own time and place.

Our goal is simple


We want to change patient behaviors from receiving

healthcare services using traditional methods to getting their care from a more accessible, convenient and cost-effective alternative without sacrificing the quality of their care.


Low cost quality health services, with convenient access.


Patients are waiting days, even months, for a doctor’s appointment. We provide members with 24/7 access to care anytime, anywhere.


Premiums and health care costs are rising at twice the rate of inflation, Doctors and Benefits offers access to care at a fraction of the cost of urgent care and ER visits.


Faster access and lower costs does not come at the expense of quality. Strict quality standards and clinical protocols are followed by our national network of U.S. board-certified physicians.

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