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Identity thieves target Americans of all ages and at all stages of their lives, from childhood, college, and marriage to home ownership and retirement.  For this reason, more organizations are providing identity theft management services to their customers and members. Members appreciate these services, and graciously welcome the identity protection, especially when they need it most. Aura DigitalGuard combines the power of FraudScout® credit & fraud monitoring and LifeStages® identity management services. With Aura DigitalGuard, your members can rely on immediate, personalized attention from a fraud specialist whenever they need it. Fraud specialists are armed with the knowledge to help reduce the risk of identity theft and provide unlimited restoration assistance should the member fall victim—providing your members with emotional support and peace of mind. 

  • Unlimited 24/7 restoration assistance whenever a member’s identity has been compromised

  • Step-by-step guidance through the identity restoration process if a member is ever a victim of identity theft or fraud

  • Document replacement assistance when identification documents such as Social Security cards, birth certificates, passports and driver’s licenses are lost, stolen or destroyed

  • Credit inquiry activity alerts

  • One bureau credit report, credit score and monitoring

  • Fraud and Credit Monitoring service detects potential fraud

  • Access to an online educational resource with news articles, information, tips and best practices to protect against identity theft


Select the Aura DigitalGuard benefit level to fit your group — Enhanced, Complete, or Elite. Individual and Family plans available. Upgrade any level to Aura DigitalGuard Premium, which includes Roadside Assistance and Global Travel Assistance.

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