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Employees who double as caregivers are constantly torn between their work responsibilities and the needs of their loved one. Balancing this tightrope leads to high stress and lost productivity, costing corporations $45 billion every year. Care Companions powered by Papa helps alleviate caregiver stress by providing companionship and assistance with transportation, household chores, technology lessons, and more, all while giving caregivers a much needed break. Instead of having to take time off work, caregivers can request thoroughly vetted helpers (called Papa Pals) to drive their elder parent to a doctor’s appointment, do some light house cleaning, or simply spend a couple hours talking and visiting.

  • Papa Pals can be requested for $18 an hour, with the option of having the same companion for each visit

  • Papa Pals undergo a rigorous vetting and onboarding process, including background check, personality profile, car inspection, and training (only 15% who apply are accepted)

  • Papa Pals can take notes of their visit and report back to the caregiver as requested, from behavior to state of the home to instructions from the doctor



The Papa network is expanding but is not yet available in all areas.

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