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1 in 5 employees double as caregivers, spending about 20 hours per week taking care of a loved one on top of work. Caregivers experience significantly higher rates of depression, chronic pain, and other emotional and physical challenges. Connected Caregiving by alska (“love” in Swedish) empowers caregivers to efficiently manage their caregiving responsibilities using a web-based platform for storing vital medical information, coordinating with care team members, and sharing updates with family. Bundled with two additional benefits at no extra cost, caregivers also receive support from a companionship and task assistance service, and a legal document creation service.

  • Caregivers can share updates and delegate tasks to family, healthcare professionals, teachers, and other members of the care team

  • Caregivers receive unlimited email support from professional patient advocates and access to virtual support groups and live education webinars for a range topics

  • Caregivers can easily keep track of appointments and medications using the interactive calendar

  • Documents can be securely stored in the alska vault, including prescriptions, advance directives, biometrics, insurance cards, lab results, and directions for care after a surgical procedure

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