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7 in 10 households face a legal issue every year, but many don’t seek help fearing lawyers are too expensive. Help your members save hundreds of dollars in attorney’s fees with LawAssure Enhanced, an online service making personalized legal document creation easy and accessible. LawAssure guides and supports members every step of the way, so they can create high-quality documents to protect their family and assets.

  • Members complete a smart online questionnaire allowing LawAssure’s technology to create high-quality documents tailored to their needs

  • Members can save hundreds of dollars by using LawAssure to create their will, living trust, healthcare directive, lease agreement, complaint letters, divorce, name change and other important legal documents

  • Members can deal with legal matters wherever it’s most convenient for them—even on their tablet or phone

  • Members can securely share documents with a trusted advisor or attorney, securely store and edit documents, or export them for printing

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